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1/2 HOG Deposit Pure Mountain Pork

1/2 HOG Deposit Pure Mountain Pork


*Deposit & pork payments to be paid by e-transfer or in-store by cash or debit. 

$7.99/lb based on Hanging Weight (Aprox 70-90lb)

Price includes butcher/cut/wrap. 

Sausage/Smoke/Cure (ham/bacon/sausage) costs are added to your specifications. Deposit $200.


1/2 Hog will Include Aprox:


10 lbs Pork Chops & Shoulder Steaks

3 lbs   Spare Ribs

20 lbs Fresh Roasts, Ham, Ground Pork or Sausage

10 lbs  Bacon

10 lbs Bones

2 lbs Organs

6 lbs Hocks

10 lbs Fat for making Lard

*This will be determined by your cutting preferences.  You can choose to have more roasts/ham or have them ground for sausages or ground pork. 



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