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Buy organic health food and natural products online
From Apples and Almond Butter to Bulk Shampoo and Maple Syrup!  Here's what's in store:

Organic Bulk:

Organic flour, gluten free, whole grains

*All items are ORGANIC!

Raw Nuts, Raw Seeds, Dried Fruit, Raw Cacao & Chocolate, Snack Mixes, Cereals, Legumes, Whole Grains, Flours, Gluten Free Flours, Sweeteners, Oils, Vinegars, Salts.



Organic BULK Home & Body Cleaning Products:

Natural Soaps, Cleansers and Cleaners

From hand and body lotion to floor cleaner, make-up to essential oils we've got you covered!  Check out:

Mountain Sky Hand/Body Soaps *Natural Castile soaps like Dr. Bronners but from the Slocan Valley near Nelson, BC

Oneka Elements Shampoos & Conditioners in BULK

Clean Conscience Cleaners from Edmonton

Bio-Vert Laundry products and dish soap in BULK!


Organic Produce:

In addition to our weekly produce bins we will have fresh organic produce available every Thursday and through the weekend as supplies last.  This is a great option for those living alone who could not eat an entire bin of produce or for those who would like to be more selective over their produce.  We will always bring in items such as fresh BC apples, bananas, garlic, ginger, kale, carrots....

Organic Produce Bins in Golden, BC

Happy Meat!


Our meat freezer holds a huge selection of Organic and "Natural" meat!  Our natural line is hormone/anti-biotic free and free range!  From beef and buffalo to wild salmon, sausages, nitrate free bacon and of coarse chicken, you'll be surprised at all that we carry, all from BC/Alberta farms!  Local pork in season too!

Our freezer is full of gluten free, sprouted and spelt super healthy breads.  We carry frozen fruit, vegetables, coconut meat & organic coconut and regular Ice Cream! 

Organic Spices and Baking Ingredients:

We have a wide selection of organic, non-irradiated (blasted with radiation to kill potential bugs) spices for all your cooking and baking needs!  We are also happy to bring in those hard to find spices by request!  If you like it hot we have 3 great local hot sauces from Invermere's Kootenay Bayou Hot Sauce company!  We also carry lots of baking staples like non-GMO cornstarch, alluminum free baking powder and sweeteners like honey, brown rice syrup, stevia and zylitol.  

Organic Frozen Food:

Happy Dairy!


We carry a WIDE selection of Organic, BC & a few of the best imported cheeses!  We also carry grass fed milk, & cheese, Organic yogurt, butter and some terrific VEGAN cheeses & yogurts too!


Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that provide energy, hormone balance and detoxification.  We carry all sorts of raw cacao (chocolate), coconut oil, gogi berries, maca, bee pollen and more!  We have all natural greens powders and hemp protein powders to add to your smoothies.  Traditional supplements become less important when you feed your body with pure organic foods but we do carry a few whole food based products and some amazing tinctures from Harmonic Arts a gentle yet effective way to naturally support the body.  

Organic Packaged Foods:

We carry many staples like non-dairy milks and Canadian made canned beans and tomatoes, salsa and nut-butters!  

Organic Snacks!

Of course we have snacks too!  We carry a wide selection of organic chips like avocado oil fried potato chips and flax/quinoa tortilla chips!  We have all sorts of energy bars for taking on a hike   and of course we have a wide CHOCOLATE selection.

Organic Body Products:

Essential Oils, face washes and moisturizers, shampoos & conditioners (even in bulk!) Of coarse Apple Island Naturals Golden's own natural body product company.  They make amazing all natural soap, lipbalm, face and body lotion, bath salts and more!  

Healthy Organic Tortilla & Potato Chips
Golden BC Natural Handmade Soaps

Local Organic Coffee:

We carry Stoke Roasted coffee from Revelstoke BC, we even have our own roast! 

 Pure Mountain Dark, a rich and flavourful dark roast!  


We've got you covered for your supplement needs too!  We work with the finest BC & Canadian companies offering you the best probiotics, daily multi-vitamins and much more!

Stoke Roasted local and organic coffee
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