It is with great excitement that I announce my new cookbook PURE FOOD REVIVAL!  

PURE FOOD REVIVAL is a union of my nourishing, time tested recipes with my passion for Permaculture. 

An inspiring introduction to Permaculture followed by a whimsical journey through harvests and seasons. 

How about an Almond Ginger Pear Smoothie and Maple Nut Granola with Hazelnut Milk for breakfast. 

 Russian Cabbage Borscht made with homemade Bone Broth and a side of Artisan Sourdough Bread and Pickled Beets for lunch. Or a Garam Masala spiced Vegetarian Tourtière with Tomato Relish and Moroccan Quinoa Salad.

I have also republished my Holiday Treats mini-book with over 15 of your holiday favourites all made without refined sugar, dairy or gluten (recipes can be made with wheat as well.)


Holiday Treats Book Paper Copy $7.99  ~  E-book $4.99 *Available Now!

The Original: Eat Pure Food Cookbook $24.99

101 Plant-Based Recipes for Health, Energy & Healing!






Everything we source serves a purpose beyond outstanding flavour. By choosing local or BC products whenever possible the proceeds stay in our local region.  By choosing organic over conventional we protect our land, air and water from pollution and soil erosion.  We also protect our bodies by only giving them the nutrients they understand and know how to work with.  Because it is in our store, you can be certain it belongs on your plate.  Join the local organic movement!



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