Premium Quality ・ Sustainable ・ Ethically Raised

We proudly raise our pigs the way they should be, free to roam, root, and wallow! 
Eating our pork is a legendary culinary experience.

*100% forest raised
*Fermented Grain, Vegetable & Hemp Fed
*No anti-biotics​

All our pigs also eat fruits & vegetables from a food recovery program and local apples in the fall.
Next harvest October 2022, we sell by the whole, 1/2 or in taster packs of 10, 20 or 40lbs.
Retail cuts will be available at Eat Pure Mountain Market, in Golden BC. 
Orders must be picked up in Golden, BC

*We have had to raise our prices, feed went up 40% in late 2021 and

60% in 2022 from our spring 2021 prices!