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Premium Quality ・ Sustainable ・ Ethically Raised

We proudly raise our pigs the way they should be, free to roam, root, and wallow! 
Eating our pork is a legendary culinary experience.

*100% forest raised
*Fermented Grain, Vegetable & Hemp Fed
*No anti-biotics​

All our pigs also eat fruits & vegetables from a food recovery program and local apples in the fall.
We sell by the whole, 1/2 or in taster packs of 10, 20 or 40lbs.
Retail cuts are available at Eat Pure Mountain Market. 
Orders must be picked up in Golden, BC

*We have had to raise our prices, the feed went up 40% in late 2021 and

60% in 2022 from our spring 2021 prices!  



Meet your farmers:

Brian Lavoie and Nicole Du Vent run Goonieland Permaculture Farm the home of Pure Mountain Pork. Their farm is perched on a bench west of Golden overlooking the Columbia Valley.  Here they grow heritage pigs, free ranch chickens for eggs and medicinal greenhouse-grown hemp.  They use Organic and  Korean Natural Farming techniques to build soil, animal, and ecosystem health.  Their off-grid homestead journey began in 2014 and they now live in a Hempcrete Earthship.  When their hands are not in the dirt you can find them working on natural building projects using Hempcrete, Cob or Earthen Floors or in the winter months up in the mountains snowboarding.  

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