Whole Hog Deposit Pure Mountain Pork

Whole Hog Deposit Pure Mountain Pork


Pre-Order forJune 2021!
*Deposit and pork payments are to be paid by entrasfer or in store by debit or cash.  

$6.99/lb based on Hanging Weight (Aprox 160-190lb)

Price includes butcher/cut/wrap.  Sausage/Smoke/Cure (ham/bacon/sausage) costs are additional to your specifications. Deposit $400.


Whole Hog will Include Aprox:


15 lbs Pork Chops

20 lbs Shoulder Roasts, Steaks or can be ground for Sausage

4 lbs   Spare Ribs

*25-35 lbs Fresh Leg Roasts and/or Hams 

*20 lbs Sausages or Ground Pork

*The amount of roasts/ham vs. sausages depends on your cutting preferences as more can be ground for sausage if desired. 

12 lbs  Bacon

10 lb Hocks (we recommend getting cured hocks for split pea soup!)

5 lbs Organs

10 lbs Bones

20 lbs Fat for making Lard