Large Meat Box


Approximate Meat Box for APRIL
*All items are hormone/antibiotic free and free-range from small BC/Alberta Farms. Chicken is also certified Non-GMO, certified organic where noted.


4 Free Range Chicken Breasts, Farmcrest, Salmon Arm

4 Free Range Chicken Legs, Farmcrest, Salmon Arm

1 Whole Roasting Chicken: Farmcrest, Salmon Arm

1 lb Free Range Ground Turkey, Rossdown, Chilliwack

1 lb Grass Fed Stew Meat, Top Grass Beef, Alberta

1 lb Organic Ground Beef with 10% Organs, Pemberton Meadows Beef

1 lb Cross Rib Skillet Steaks, Pemberton Meadows Beef

4 Pork Chops, Jornston's, Chilliwack

1 lb  Nitrate Free Bacon, Johnston's Pork, Chilliwack

1 lb Mild Italian Sausages: Meadow Creek Farm, Waskatenau, Alberta

1 lb Apple Banger Sausages: Two Rivers Meats, North Vancouver

2 Salmon Portions

1 lb Ground Turkey

1 FREE Package Breakfast Sausages: Meadow Creek Farm, Waskatenau, Alberta




Everything we source serves a purpose beyond outstanding flavour. By choosing local or BC products whenever possible the proceeds stay in our local region.  By choosing organic over conventional we protect our land, air and water from pollution and soil erosion.  We also protect our bodies by only giving them the nutrients they understand and know how to work with.  Because it is in our store, you can be certain it belongs on your plate.  Join the local organic movement!


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